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Sex Before Marriage

Yes we r gonna talk abt sex before marriage
1st u have to know that the writer of this is a 20s girl muslim from Egypt from an oriental kinda religious culture , So this issue is extremely sensitive and complicated <<, So let GO :)

an important back ground abt our society in the current time , that the age of marriage is quietly late , in the same time both boys and girls r not sexually active and they r prohibited from any sexual act from both religion and cultural reasons ,,
So, we have boys and girls from 20 - 30s they r not married and they r not allowed to have sex "btw some ppl having they sexual life with out marriage but am talking bat vas majority "

sex is a instinct desire like eating , drinking and sleeping So  to be a normal and healthy person u have to be satisfied from ur primitive needs  so we have a frustrated youth with a missing part from their life

by time many of them become sexually oriented they have a good life but htey wowing  4 sex , a huge part from their thinking is directed to this way
this thinking is implicated to their actions
so we see a lot of bad behaviors happen , like sexual harasment , illegal  sexual practices and pregnancy , excessive masturbation , and the psychological impact on their life that they feel imperfect , some thing is missing and the important point 4 me is what's happen when they r abt to marry ?!
imagin a sexually deprived youth finally got the chance to marry , if the logic thinking and love didnt play a perfect role the chice of the partner will be defective 4 sure ,
this will make them fall in love easily  or having a quick marriage coz they wanna have sex
so after time of marriage and the sexual needs become satisfied after a while the true part of thinking appear , they will unfortunately discover that they didnt make a proper chice coz they focused on the sexual charecters of their partner , by time they will know thats its not only abt sex

So they point now is how to avoid such a case by having sex before marriage ? I dont know I cant answer this question , ppl r free to choose their won way to live their life but if the answer is yes
so we have to experience sex with the person we wanna marry or person we love or just having sex with any other person to remove this sexual oriented thinking

for me marriage before sex is not a good choice  but if u will follow this , we have to think rationally before
marriage and choose our partner sanely and wait the excitement of surprise consider ur self before marriage as ur in diet but in sex :D 

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  1. well, u ahve chosen the English languag for this post! for sure u have a reasonable reaon to do so, at least for your self! However I was surprised with all what u wrote here, but let me first start with what both agree on,sex is a instinct desire like eating , drinking and sleeping! ok that is quite true.
    What to do then to satisfy this need?
    All religions came with the right way, not only Islam, it is there in Judaism and Christianity too. And Allah almight is is not torturing man kind by that, but Allah knowes what is best for man kind as He is the creator. If you buy a new computer or a washing machine u will find tits manufacturer gives u a guidebook or instructions how to use it otherwise it wont work or will be broken soon.
    The same case is to be applied here on man kind, all what Allah made HARAM or a sin hurts man truely or makes him behaves in inconsiderate way like alchohol for example! Now back to sex look now the west or USA and see the amount of sexual diseases, can you explain why is that? of course you know the answer despite they have all the prcaustions tools to avoide these diseases!

    You calim too that most people in our country are getting married only for sex!!! from where you got this information? Have u made any research or have a confident statistics?! I don't believe u have!

    Then you finish by giving two choices,, either to have sex before marriage to live a healthy life! like those in Europe or USA right?!
    or wait and do it after marriage and will suffer too as we are only getting married for sex!!!
    this is the extremest thinkinking I have ever met!!!
    One last thing left for me to say, if all man kind, not only Muslims, stick to the book sent to them from their God, life would have been different.

    Thnans and sorry for my elaborateness

  2. 1st thanx 4 this comment this means that u read it and made u curious to elaborate its totally my pleasure

    abt writing this in English , I usually write with the language that I think with abt a certain topic
    4 this issue I right in Wnglish coz I dont think abt it in Arabic thats it , but I cant get ur point abt why am righting in English ,, if u think bcoz am hiding behind it so its not the truth

    2nd ur point abt the religion view , I know it totally and I didnt say that Allah is torturing us , I explained in the early begining that there is a cultural causes like a late age of marriage 4 example , when I write I usually dont like to intrude religion I wanna disscuss this beyond religion , Get it ?

    as a med student I know abt STDs , and if u wanna my opinion abt having many sexual experience makes u by time hard to be satisfied coz u tried a lot and comparing

    3rd abt claiming that ppl marry only 4 sex I didnt say that at all !!!

    I said some ppl when they focus only on this issue they couldnt resist their desire and this affect their decision ,

    no one can say that this is totally non human

    if u get this so am sorry this misunderstanding

    last point when I give the choice I didnt say that , u said this , I just said thats its ur choice am not gonna me the saint that tell ppl wat they have to do

    and when I said I will wait told that it will be a nice surprise

    Finally : I think I have a problem when I write that I wanna disscuss a tiny and eccenteric idea but bcoz of telling a lot of details so ppl get that am saying this abt all ppl , if u read my bio above u will find wat I mean

    usually I like to discuss a wild idea to see how extreme is it to know the good side of a middle

    which is part of our religion but I dont like to talk abt religion coz am not the perfect one to talk abt this am not good enough 4 this job

    sorry 4 my long comment , and thanx 4 ur comment I appreciate it a lot

  3. great topic as usual ya hala
    if i have the right to say my opinion sex is
    truly a need that need satisfaction
    most of the ppl consider marriage for just and only sex oh yeah believe it or not
    and yeah allah gave us the best solution for sex deprivation is by getting married or fasting or ma mlkt aymankom !
    and btw to have a healthy life sex must be included in ur life so itsn't either u have 2 choices
    its having premarital sex or not ...btw u can skip western's world big pb of stds by having one partner only
    i think the real solution for such pb is to make things easier for those who wanna get married and sexual education !!

  4. Thanx Radwa I needed to know ur opinion :)
    abt choices I said if u have sex before marriage or u can wait in both cases to have a healthy life u have to have sex
    just by talking abt this issues we break the borders of the stigma abt talking abt sex and telling opinions

  5. Well, thanks for replying to my long comment, I think I will have another loooong one this time too...
    it seems to me that you missed or avoided to mention all what is said im my comment, however abt not intruding RELIGION in our talk, let me remind u that this may be true if what we are talking abt is not stated and mention in Religion or what i even called the GUIDEBOOK from our creator, so there is no space here to let thing for suggestions or mere personal views, when Allah say do that then we haev to obey, do not do that we obey too...it is very easy very clear very direct.
    If we are talking about some other theories taht have nothing to do with Religion then I may agree with you...
    Now remember you endes your post by stating that "for me marriage before sex is not a good choice but if u will follow this , we have to think rationally before
    marriage and choose our partner sanely and wait the excitement of surprise consider ur self before marriage as ur in diet but in sex :D "!!! Would you please explain whta u mean by that? and let me ask you one clear and direct question...Will you have sex before marriage if you find the ideal partner to do that with?!!!

  6. Thanx 4 reply again :)
    I didnt leave any point in purpose but I suppose I answer in most of I got from ur comment

    abt religion I know it all wat u say abt the guide book
    but the point is that I wanna think hypothetically , am not talking by rules or I noticed sum thing and wanted to disscuss it froma certain point but am not trying to disscuss religion rule or any God laws

    the last part of this wat I mean abt ?

    all wat I wanna say that I will wait << am not gonna try a premarital sex coz this is not good 4 me , and if some one will do this like me , should take this advice
    that u have to choose ur spouse " when u get marry " in a rational way dont make ur sex desire control ur choice that it I didnt mean that I will have a premarital sex when I find a perfect partner

    I know that this misunderstanding is the writer mistake I will try to edit this again to make the reader understand wat I mean

    thanx again :)