الاثنين، 2 أغسطس 2010


during practicing origami I felt that it seems like life :

* In origami we use square papers usually but some times we use rectangle or triangle papers it makes other cool shapes this is like life there is the base and usual but some times there is exceptions and change , and its good too .

* the rule in origami is folding but some times we may cut or paste to do some special shapes , thats like we can try to fix our life with other resources

* folding usually go smoothly and easy but it may takes long long time do it some time and leave it for a while and coma back to continue,, its very obvious I think

* some times during folding we make some folds unnecessary for the current time but we use it at the end ,, thats like life in that we can do now things do not seem important for now but definitely will help in another way

* some origami shapes are really hard and only specialist can do it ,, this one is clear

* we make very beautiful shapes from simple one paper

* origami has a common easy language and symbols for easy contact and sharing

* its so creative and unlimited


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