الثلاثاء، 18 يناير 2011

10Reasons Make Me Wish To Be a Boy

1 - Back to Home whenever I like
2 - shave my hair totally and become bald
3- not to wear special undergarment
4 - travel alone any where any time
5- to be treated fairly not as an inferior weak creature
6 - to find some one to cook for me
7 - Do any thing I want and the excuse will be am a BOY
8 - not to be under supervision of any one
9 - to upload my pics without privacy setting
10 - to join any public event without fear of being harassed  

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  1. being the master of ur life is something characteristic of being a BOY
    and there's none cares about ur past history as a BOY
    everyone respects you even if u are a total jerk just bcoz ur a BOY
    and when u become a successful person they say bcoz ur smart and clever not bcoz u have boobs !!

  2. mmm am confused now Radwa I dunno u agree with this or not , but anyway , its a funny article with mocking of our masculine society
    thanx 4 comment