الأحد، 29 سبتمبر 2013

FGM is an ugly fact in Egypt

She is a middle age female married an she has a daughter. Polite , shy she came to me in the OPC  with a strange copmlain she said " I have a painful tumor down" I didnt get it exactly but I told ger ket me examin u as am the "surgeon to be " I was astonished from what I saw , I always here about FGM or what they call it in Egypt " circumcission" I saw a large swelling in the remaining part in the clitoris , it was ugly . I felt petty for her asked her u had yr FGM long time ago why now ? She said it become larger and painful . I told her I ll take u to tge consuktant . She and her husband were very geeatful and reliefed . I can feel their happiness she was doing all the investigations quickly coz she wanna get rid of her night maee . The end msg from this story that FGM is a crime we should get rid of this from our society . Abt my patient she ll have a surgery tomorrow I hope we can fix her life

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